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Stand Up for American Workers — and Stand Up to China

Chinese officials are actively lobbying to convince our government to reverse China's longstanding “non-market economy” status. If China succeeds, our laws used to level the playing field against unfair trade will be gutted — and American workers will suffer.

China’s communist regime in Beijing controls every facet of its economy, from its banks to its factories. Even as China’s economy slows, its state-owned steel companies continue to ramp up production, making far more steel than China — or indeed, the world — can consume. Rather than cutting back production, China is exporting its excess steel to the U.S. market at rock bottom prices. Those unfairly dumped and subsidized imports lead to factory closures and mass layoffs in the United States.

American workers are ready and willing to compete against anyone in the world. But China rigs the game.

The United States needs strong trade remedy laws to ensure a level playing field and to protect against unfair trade. Tell President Obama and Members of Congress to stand up to Chinese officials and maintain China's non-market economy status.