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Democrats and Republicans are Preparing Their Party Platforms — Make Sure They Include These Action Items

Americans on both sides of the aisle are tired of factories closing and jobs heading overseas. They want to see smart policy enacted to take on trade cheats like China, rebuild our domestic manufacturing base and create more middle class jobs. 

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are preparing their official party platforms for the 2016 election. Let’s make sure manufacturing issues are included in both platforms. 

There's a lot that both parties can do to boost manufacturing, including:

  • Stopping unfair trade: Our leaders should hold countries like China accountable when they break the rules, including by dumping their goods into our market and manipulating their currencies.
  • Strengthening our defense: America relies on nations like Russia and China for many key materials used by the military. We need to take immediate steps to ensure our troops are ready to respond with high-quality, American-made products.
  • Investing in infrastructure: Our nation’s roads, bridges, railways, ports, airports and water systems are in terrible shape. Investing to fix them would create millions of jobs and provide a big economic boost — and using Made in America materials whenever possible would be a win-win.